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What are some reasonable expectations for shipping



I've ordered my phone on Feb. 22nd but, I haven't recieved it yet. I reached out to Samsung multiple times, but they didn't give a good answer. I am wondering how long did it take to receive your phone? Could you please share your experience with me?

Product Expert

Re: shipping estimation

I apologize and understand what you're going through. I am also dealing with some packages that are being delivered days later than expected.

It may depend on what location your package is being shipped from, but as you may know, there are a few delays in shipments because of the issues going on worldwide with COVID-19. 

You should still be able to track your shipment through the email confirmation once it has been able to be processed and shipped out.  Also, I suggest you be on the lookout for emails updating you on your shipment. 


Once again, I apologize. Hopefully this gives you some relief. Let me know if you have any other questions. or if you'd like more assistance from a Samsung Moderator