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Where to get a fast charger for 'Samsung'

Do a search on Amazon, there are many FAST chargers for Samsung.


Search ebay and there are many fast chargers for Samsung.


There are also 'original' ones for sale as well.


I think I have 3-4 'fast' chargers - these turbo speed charge my other phones in the house.

My Samsung is special - like greedy Apple that will on purpose go out of their way so that people are FORCED to buy $75 Appe chargers and be happy about it - my Samsung has this same specialness.


Amazon: buy on Prime, if not working, hassle free returns.

I don't wish to give money to Samsung for this stunt they have pulled.


Any advice?




Re: Where to get a fast charger for 'Samsung'

There isn't much of a time difference in Cable Charging and Fast Charging in my S7 and S10e.

I have 2 Samsung chargers: one that came with my S4 and one that came with my S7.

I can get Fast Charging even with a 3rd party cable with the S7 charger.

If I use longer cables, I only get Cable Charging.

I've not seen "Fast Charging" on my Samsung phones using other chargers, e.g. chargers for Apple products or 3rd party chargers.


Re: Where to get a fast charger for 'Samsung'

I'm still stuck.

All the chargers in my house have 'good' cables - not super cheap ones.

I get fast charging on other phones - just not on my phone.

If I buy a Samsung charger, will I get fast charging? (I don't think it's actually fair for me to have to do that to be honest.)

There are many sellers on Amazon selling chargers and cables that say they are for Samsung devices - I'm just worried about buying and finding it won't fast charge. 😕