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Why does Samsung insist on making the screen light up when the phone is 100% charged? So annoying!

Why can't we disable the screen from coming on when charging the phone, or when the phone reaches 100% charged?  I wirelessly charge my phone in my car and the screen turns on and off every time wireless charging is paused or the phone is charged to 100%. I drive mostly at night and this is distracting and shines a light in my eyes while driving. The battery drops 1% percent it charges to full and the screen comes on again! This is a constant annoying cycle. I want the screen totally off when charging all the time. Why does Samsung insist on turning the screen on to start draining the battery you just charged? Please let us disable this, please???? I do not want the screen to come on at all when charging, I want it totally off. This just seems like such a stupid feature you can't disable.