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WiFi issue S10 & Galaxy J8

My wife and I have recently begun to have wifi issues with our respective mobiles.  The wifi signal strength is showing up as either 2 or 3 lines out of the possible 4 yet the mobiles cannot connect to the wifi.  Sometimes it comes back with 'couldn't authenticate connection', sometimes it just doesn't say anything but doesn't connect.  Then sometimes it just connects OK.  This is all from the same location in our house.

I've tried it in Safe Mode -no good.

I've reset the network - no good

I've removed all apps installed in the last 4 - 6 weeks - still no good.

It really is becoming very frustrating.

Yet my tablet Tab S2 has no issues at all with wifi in the same location.

Any suggestions why this has recently started to occur on our devices?

I really do not want to do a factory reset, so would appreciate any other suggestions.


Update a few days later

Yesterday, my mobile wouldn't connect to the wifi yet I could see signal strength was 4 bars.  My wife who was 2 meters further away from the wifi router was able to connect.

Today in my study, I only have 2 signal bars for wifi strength yet my mobile is connected.  Why does this seem so inconsitant?  Can anyone assist with this annoying issue


Re: WiFi issue S10 & Galaxy J8

I have intermittant wifi connection issues as well, even when in my house on my normal network.