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help streamline "unlocking"

Hello everyone, I amwondering if someone can inform me of some setting I could maybe change to help streamline the unlock process on my S10+ running android 10 oneui 2.0 and i have the always on display clock turned on. I will start by explain what i am trying to achieve. I would like it to be similar to the process involed with my iphone that my S10+ replaced. With the phone "locked or off" (how ever you would like to say it) I would rest my thumb on the screen and it would unlock OR (this is the key part) if it didnt reconize my thumb that time it would automatically bring up the pin pad for me to type out the pin and "log in". I have the finger print reader programed and a pin code setup on the S10+. Heres the problem with my s10+, when i put my finger on the "reader" and it gives me a "no match" i then have to double tap the screen to wake it up then swipe the screen to bring up the pin pad then type out the pin and all is good. I was wondering if there a way to automatically bring up the pin pad when i get a "no match" (which happens alot) instead of doing all these extra gestures to unlock my phone? thank you for reading and any advice you may have!