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no sim detected, no imei, sim card manager crashes

I have a Samsung galaxy s10 SM-G973F, android version 9 kernel version 4.14.85-17063867 


I suddenly stopped being able to receive calls, even though I could make calls, I still has full signal bars. I restarted my phone and there was no sim cards detected, no signal. 


I tired to open sim card manager in settings but it showed only a blank black screen - and then an error messasge has stopped working. 

I looked in about phone - and the IMEI information was all unknown despite previously having been there. 


I am still able to connect to wifi, bluetooth etc. My samsung account still connects. 

I have already tried:

-removing and replacing two different sim card (which work perfectly in my samsung S6 tablet)

-using a new sim card (which again works in other phones)

-Resetting network connection settings

-Wiping partition (multiple times)

-Booting into safe mode - no difference 

-Factory resetting the phone - no difference. 


I notice that this same problem occured in many Note 8s after a July 2020 update and it was a samsung software issue. There is fix for this issue but only for the Note 8.



However there isn't a recovery for S10,

Please can someone help me with this issue? Is there some way of recovering my phone. 


Re: no sim detected, no imei, sim card manager crashes

sounds like your sim card is donezo

Re: no sim detected, no imei, sim card manager crashes

Either you lost your EFS partition because of unauthorized modifications to the phone or the baseband chip of the phone failed. either way, you need a new motherboard unfortunately