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If you need continuity when buying a new cell phone don't buy directly from Samsung.  Last week I purchased an S10e and found a few features were dropped that had been present on my S8+ that I traded in.  (I have purchased 5 S series galaxy's directly in the past mistakenly thinking that would be an advantage if there was a problem)  I requested a return on the s10e but was told they would NOT return my old phone until they received and processed the new unit. When I pointed out due to serious medical problems I can not be without a phone, they said no....the best they could do was offer me a $40 credit.  I told them the could keep the $400 charge on my credit card AND if they felt it necessary put another hold on the $200 which they had allowed me on the trade but I need to keep the new phone until receiving my new one. I think due to language difficulties the representative could not grasp that I was willing to pay whatever was necessary to get my old phone back.  The moral of the story is "yes Samsung has a 15 day return policy, but only if you don't mind being without a phone for a couple weeks.