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samsung fraud

I would like all samsungers to know my experience. I have always been a loyal samsung fan. I have owned  a samsung galaxy 4, 5 and an active s8. all phones being good. I have purchased 2 large screen samsung tv's and have been happy. I have owned two samsung active watches and for the most part been satisfied. that is why I wanted to upgrade ny phone to the s10 e . I went to the samsung website and found that they would give you a trade in discount provided your phone met certain criteria, which mine did. I sent my s8 active in for them to evaluate for the discount and then they sent me back pictures saying that i sent the phone in with a cracked screen. Pure hogwash. I sent in the phone without any cracks in the screen.They incriminated themselves by sending me pictures of the phone which showed that the cracked screen actually happened in their facility. How do I know? the first  picture showed one crack in the screen. the second picture showed an additional crack in the screen. By deduction, obviously at least one of the cracks happened in their facility, which makes me suspicious of them anyway.  If samsung isn't being honest about at least one of the cracks, how can I trust them??  they now are sending me the phone back and telling me that they will charge me the $250 dollar  discount. Poor job samsung. You can't even commit minor fraud without incriminating yourself.  Just letting the samsung community be aware of how samsung practices customer loyalty. Shame on you samsung.  I know times are tough, but really????