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where did the Pro video Mode go!!!?

I got the Samsung Note 8 2 years ago for its amazing video and picture quality, I attend concerts everywhere and the Pro Mode was vital as a concert goer


Tonight I attended a concert and I couldnt film anything with the same quality I used to thanks to the latest software update that drags from the S10. Now the Note 8 is also affected in the video mode as the S10 and S9... awful!


I was considering to buy and "upgrade" my phone to the note 10 when it comes out but ever since this last update that affects me I am for the first time in my life considering to switch to iPhone


If Samsung doesnt bring the video mode by May I will change to iPhone, this is unbelievable!!! How can Samsung go backwards with a simple thing!


PLUS. it's awful that they placed the record video button separate from the picture as it was before.... makes the switching from Video to Picture even MORE slow!