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5g disappeared

(Topic created on: 4/29/21 2:33 AM)
Cosmic Ray
Galaxy S20

day before christmas when i got phone when i came back home did all those dumb software updates and the 5g signal and ya know sometimes 5g goes back and forth to 4g when i'm at home

however when i was in town and when i was down at my brother house christmas day franklin tenn i saw that 5g

so it was there i believe up until last week of feb into march not i'm sure feb or march update made it not work now just 4g even when i'm in town nor when i went down my brother house mon it was 4g as well

i'm trying to figure out what happened since its now april yesterday morning i thought i was taking to somebody verizon store on phone apprently digital person

i try to explain to them that i already got 5g was working when i'm in town for awhile then stop yada yada they think something due with slim card need new one again i don't know what happened 5g if verizon cut it off somehow women also said i was 4g plan<-how is it possible if day before christmas of last year 1 of software update the 5g one made it come up

i did last month did talk to walmart verizon person a little last month since when got phone from them 2 year contact saying 4g apprently he was too busy talking other guy

i guess either this week or 1 day next week i need to go back to verizon store and figure out what is matter if phones with 5g in town still supposed to show 5g or just 4g

i know nashville is 5g i am going down there may 18th vanderbilt eye sugrey surely the 5g signal will come up instead 4g right?

what do you guys think is the matter i haven't done nothing to it on global do you think slim card issue happened after feb or march software update or what that made it go away and have been staying on 4g for awhile now

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