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About Size and weight of Samsung devices

I  have been using Samsung mobiles for more than a decade. I was attracted to Samsung devcies in 2008. But I was really taken by surprise with the introduction of Samsung Galaxy Alpha mobile in 2014. It was a milestone for samsung. But it is a past now Mobile sets are becoming bigger and weightier. There should be a clear distinction between tablet and mobile devices. It has now become very annoying to use a mobile having decent specs for its large screen and weight. I think Samsung should keep in mind that its large users are not the same branch of tree. The very meaning of mobile or portability is under threat of large screen and excessive weight.  Now a question often arises in my mind "why should I buy a phone if I cant keep it in my pocket? Or the problem of using heavy and large mobile in public transport e.g. train and bus. Samsung should consider all its users. There is a large group of users who want compact and light weight phones with decent specs like glaxy alpha. Can't a flagship be made keeping screen under 6 inch and weight under 150g? Looking forward to hearing from you.