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After resetting the app settings, bugs started appearing frequently.

(Topic created: 09-22-2023 04:09 AM)
Galaxy S20

In the Japanese community, there are no people with strong specialized knowledge, so I will ask this question to you.
It's an automatic translation, so I'm sorry if the meaning is not clear.

I'm using au's Galaxy S20 (SCG01). The UI is One Ui5.1.

The other day I accidentally pressed the button to reset the app's settings, and since then the bug has been occurring frequently.

A particular problem is that every time I view detailed information about an app from the settings screen, it takes a long time to load.

In many cases, there will be a blackout, and in the worst case, the OS will crash and restart.

I tried searching, but couldn't find anyone with a similar bug, so I'm asking this question.

If this happens, is there any other way other than resetting the device?

I would like to ask you to be my professor.

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