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Cosmic Ray

After update autofocus is utter trash in video now.

So, recap:. Samsung trying not to give me my lreoder bonus and now, after ATT update, video autofocus has gotten worse. Essentially won't focus at all now unless I tap on object. No customer support from Samsung. I want a full refund!

Product Expert

Re: After update autofocus is utter trash in video now.



this seems like it could be a software issue. Have you tried factory resetting your phone?


From Settings, search for and select Factory data reset. Next, tap Factory data reset again, and then review the information. When you're ready, swipe to and tap Reset. If you have a security lock set on the phone, you will be asked to enter the credentials. To delete all information and downloaded apps, tap Delete all.


Once you factory reset your phone, try to see if you can replicate the issue. If the issue does not happen again, this means it could be a third party app on your previous backups that was causing the issue. If it does happen again even after a factory reset, a further hardware replacement may be required.


Let me know if this helps. Thanks!