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Attention: We need an update to fix this, Connection isues with data connection, WiFi works fine.

I see alot of people are having connection problems with the S20 5G. I am having the same issues, i wanted to make my own thread to put notice and keep this up and going. We need an update for this quick. What i noticed is the data link is very unstable and even more so once video is involved. It's seems the phone starts looking for a better signal instead of staying locked on the signal available. I called the service provider, they sent a update to the phone and tried to find where a option for CDMA/LTE so you can make video calls, no such option. the options given on the phone don't work, once you switch it from the default(global) to any of the 4 selections (5G/LTE/3G/2G, LTE/3G/2G, 3G only or 2G only) the signal gets more unstable, resetting network settings is the only option to get it semi working again where it goes back to the setting (Global) that is does offer the choice either so you have to reset net work settins just to get the Global setting. The phone also won't see anything higher than 3G, which i think is part of the problem, i know i have 4g/lite in the area, i have used sprint towers for a long time and no issue like this. I had the A20 prior and another android prior to that and never had an issue like this where you can't watch video or make video calls with a third party app. This phone comes with the choice to make a video call right on the dial pad which i love but can't use it, for an expensive phone I feel like i just bought an expensive piece of junk, it can't do the most basic of functions like keep a stable connection to the data link. If they dont fix this quick i am returning it and get a cheap phone at least i know it will work. I am very dissappointed.