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Automatically toggle data for MMS feature disappeared?

(Topic created on: 2/2/21 8:40 AM)
Galaxy S20

I activated a factory unlocked S20 with Xfinity 3 days ago.  It had a nice feature where any time I sent or received a picture through text message, the phone would automatically toggle mobile data on and off to send or receive it.  A few Samsung updates later, this feature stopped working.  Now any time I want to send or receive a picture message I have to manually turn data on and off.  I don't have an unlimited plan so I can't let data on all the time.  How do I get this feature back?  Did one of the updates remove it or is it a setting somewhere on the device that I can't locate?  I tried different settings but nothing seems to resolve the problem.  I appreciate any help because it's driving me nuts.  Thank you.

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