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Bad screen on the s20 FE - DONT BUY

When I purchased the phone I was told how tough the screen was and that this type of screen would be really hard to break. But I cracked the screen when the phone was lightly banged on the wall and this could have been provented if i was able to find a case for it the day I brought it. I could not find a case at the shopping centre and had to purchase it online and it still has not arrived and not much good it will do me now.
I took the phone to the authorised Samsung dealer and he said "I see you didn’t drop the phone, but because there is a mark on the case of the phone and the screen is cracked this is physical damage and that will be $300 to repair". He was also excited because this would be the first S20 FE phone that he had worked on. He also said that even though their thoughts might be different to Samsug, they will always side with you know who.
I am now raising a complaint with the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission and am going to go through the process, because I believe that the screens on these phones are not what they have been advertised as and that is impact resistant. It is a very simple process and that is to write to them explaining of the problem. Even if you have already paid to fix your phone you should be entitled to a refund.


Re: Bad screen on the s20 FE - DONT BUY

I don't see how you can complain when you admit you broke the screen