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Galaxy S20

Dear Samsung members,

I have s20 fe exynos version which I recently bought. On the newly bought phone, the estimated battery capacity of the battery was 4200 mah instead of 4370 mah(has it lost its capacity while I was going home?) When I turned off fast mode charge the numbers got increased! From 4200mah to 4211. Does fast charging drains batter more quickly and why battery degrades so fast? Thanks

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Galaxy S20

No, fast charging setting should not have an impact on your battery usage/drain.  If your phone is real new, it is supposed to learn your usage habbits and get better at conserving battery....


The best few tips I can tell you to save battery are:


1.  Use dark mode if you can...saves battery.

2. Minimize use of 160 refresh rate to 60 or 96...;  120 ghz takes up extra 20% of battery

3. Go to Settings/device care/ battery/background usage limits:  put most apps in deep sleep category; a a handful in Sleep mode;  and only a few in the "never sleeping apps" mode.

4. Consider using power saving mode:  can get to via quick settings or turn on in Battery settings per above.


Good luck. 





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