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Bluetooth in-Call Volume Too Low

I am using a Poly Elara 60 series Smart Phone with my Galaxy S20+. The device connects via bluetooth and provides me with a 'desktop phone' using either a speakerphone or headset.


The volume of the unit is very low when in-call when at the highest volume however it is extremely loud when playing media. Obviously, this suggests that it is not an issue with the speaker itself. It appears to be some type of setting in the bluetooth connection that is either limiting the in-call volume or boosting the media volume.


I need to increase the volume during a phone call. Are there any setting within the phone that may be decreasing/limiting the volume or any way to boost the volume when in call?


To be honest, I have had a nubmer of calls on the S20+ handset itself that were also difficult to hear. Could Verizon's enhanced calling (HD calling) using WiFi be an issue?

Product Expert

Re: Bluetooth in-Call Volume Too Low

Hi, sorry to hear you are having this issue. From what you are describing it sounds like your phone is having issues with connecting to the phone network. What I would try is going to phone Settings, then tap on the magnifying glass and type in "reset network settings" and search. Once you reset these settings it should say "network settings have been reset." This might help restore the connection.


You might also try resetting the Bluetooth connections. If you open up the Bluetooth menu and then select the speakers and tap "forget" and then try reconnecting to the speakers, this might improve the volume.

You also want to make sure the in call volume is turned up. You can check this by pressing the volume up button on the side of the phone, once you are on a phone call. 


I hope this helps.