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Bring back the instagram mode of the camera of the new galaxies.

You have to return the instagram mode in the camera of the galaxy s20 and future galaxys. 

I am seriously thinking not to change my dear Galaxy s10 even in the future, since it brings this great instagram mode in the camera and I can upload my photos and videos without being uploaded with very low quality to the social network (a very serious problem that it has the android operating system and that samsung was able to solve with this mode in the camera app). 

As advice I ask Samsung to dedicate itself to bringing this mode back to the camera or to solve this problem that the quality of photos and videos is lost when they are uploaded to any social network. Since, my point is, what is the use of having a great camera on your Samsung phone or any Android phone if later when you want to show your great photo or video to people on social networks, these when uploading they are seen with a horrible quality ?. Samsung and Android should solve this very serious problem now. 

I have known people who have not bought a samsung or android phone or simply make fun of its poor camera quality when they upload a photo or video to instagram, compared to the good results that are uploaded in another operating system (which you already know to which one I mean). Achieving with this that the great camera of our Samsung phones is discredited and that people do not choose to buy these phones because of their poor performance when uploading photographic content to social networks such as instagram. 

Samsung managed to solve this problem momentarily with the instagram mode of the camera and I hope they bring it back for the next galaxys or the current ones, and that they realize how important the performance of the cameras is in social networks. 

Greetings to all the Samsung community and I hope you give support to solve this problem that I know many people dislike.