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CANNOT receive MMS /SMS on GALAXY G20 Ultra 5G phone

samsung ULTRA S20 will not send MMS over WIFI calling
I'm also having connection issues. Galaxy S20 Ultra: cannot send/receive text messages or calls at times. I have to change connection from 5G to 2G nad then back or reset network settings for it to begin working again. The issue always comes back though.
THIS is my situ ALSO, T-Mobile blames Samsung, then YOU blame the ISP-  Spectrum, GET this FIXED!! I want to use Wi Fi to SEND SMS and MMS and GET then to work when someone sends to ME.
Hey Samsung I have a  UNLOCK Phone and FOUR Figures  worth of Phone and this is the result??

Re: CANNOT receive MMS /SMS on GALAXY G20 Ultra 5G phone

this seems to work for me (so far)

- go into the advanced settings of the wifi connection and set
--metered network: treat as unmetered
--mac address: phone mac

- go into the settings for the messenger app
--force stop
--clear cache

-shut down phone
--use volume up/Bixby button to wipe cache partition

-restart and test Smiley Happy

please let me know if this worked for you too