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Call Forwarded Prompts And Options

For more than 5 years, Samsung has been using toast to notify us if a call is forwarded, The toast appears for a second and disappears, Samsung ringtone usually fades in for about a second which means if your phone is not on your hand, you will never know if a call was forwarded. We are in the new age of productivity as Samsung's selling point and this feature is one of the golden slits that needs improvement. 

My friend's phone has a persistent feature to show if a call is forwarded and they don't miss that on the notification.  I am a programmer and I had to create an app that tells me if a call is forwarded, that was API 24 and I had to jailbreak my phone to achieve that.


Last year there was a post about this and Samsung told the user to "ask for help in their country's dealer" which I wouldn't consider nice. Please vote for this feature to be added. Also if we could block those calls entirely it is the best productivity feature. Or even reply with a message, Most people who use Samsung are business people and they need productivity.

Forwarded calls from a business number can be auto replied if there was an option to reply.

If it is too much to ask, hire me. I'll do it for free as long as its officially supported