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Calls pause Music on "Do not disturb" with Bluetooth.

(Topic created: 07-27-2021 04:26 PM)
Galaxy S20

When I have my phone set to "do not disturb" and the phone is connected to a Bluetooth device for audio (headsets or speaker) it pauses the music when a phone call comes in.  It doesn't ring in my ear but it stops the music until it is done ringing. 

I don't know about you but that is "disturbing"

A do  not disturb setting should do it's literal definition and not disturb me.  If I wanted to know about calls coming in I wouldn't set it to do not disturb, right? 

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Galaxy S20
I completely get this. I'm a massage therapist an use Spotify all day. If I have my phone in do not disturb music shuts off when I get an in coming call. Yes is disturbing me for sure. It's been like this for a little over 2 yrs now. Happens to my accountants phone too.