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Camera/Flashlight not working on Samsung S20Fe 5g

(Topic created: 11-07-2022 09:27 PM)
Galaxy S20

Hi. For the past 2/3 days I am unable to use flashlight/camera on my Samsung s20fe 5g. I get the notification that "Can't turn on torch because the light is being used by another app" even after I restarted phone and cleared all previous apps. And when i open camera I just get a black screen and the camera force crashes. Please assist.

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Cosmic Ray
Galaxy S20

Hi there,

You should reset app preferences – Go to Settings > Apps > Tap on 3 dots located at the top right of the screen> Select Reset app preferences and confirm the process. It will then reset apps settings to their default.

If still your problem is not got fixed, then you have to reset settings of our device. Go to Settings> General Management> Reset> Reset Settings. It will reset your phone to their default.

Also, make sure to update your phone.


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