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Camera issues after new update

Posting just to agree with many, the video camera on the s20 ultra still leaves a lot to be desired...  I bought this phone as I needed a great camera for social media promotion of my business and doing YouTube.  It still has terrible issues with autofocus adjusting midshoot, they may have improved slightly from launch after the last update but still it is an issue.  Impossible to use this camera to create any semi-production value video content unless you are OK with it blurring out randomly.  Also when shooting in bright light, people look almost like cartoons they are glowing, I've tried turning HDR on and off.  I shot my sons 3rd birthday party on this phone a couple weeks ago, and I was so dissappointed when I looked back at the footage.  Wish I would of just recorded it on my gopro.  Now unfortunately this phone sits in my pocket and I only use it for shooting pictures and very short video clips, as I cannot rely on it to shoot anything for longer periods of time.  What a shame for a $1400 phone, who cares if it can do video in 8k if your video turns out blurry and with glowing people?