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Camera only focuses when I first tap the shutter button instead of taking the picture

(Topic created: 09-28-2021 08:09 AM)
Galaxy S20

Hi all,

I have a Galaxy S20 FE, purchased in March of 2021. 

Occasionally, I will open the camera app quickly, hoping to take a picture of something right away. The camera app opens in "PHOTO" mode. I tap the shutter button, and the shutter button goes red for a second, making the "start recording" sound that would happen if I started recording video, and the screen briefly blurs out and refocuses. When this happens, it does NOT actually take a photo, however, and after the initial shutter press (where apparently all it did was refocus) it allows me to take pictures with a single tap. 

This is annoying, however, as there have been occasions where I have tried to take a picture right away of something time-sensitive (like a pet doing something cute) but the fact that the first time I hit the shutter button it doesn't take a picture and just refocuses delays the process, causing me to miss the moment that I intended to capture. 

Also, this doesn't happen every time I open the camera app, just sometimes.

I think maybe using "SINGLE SHOT" mode would fix this, but when I open the camera app, it automatically opens in "PHOTO" mode. 

Does anyone know how to fix this or work around this? I'm not even sure what the camera app is doing when it refocuses like that, but it's getting frustrating at this point.

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