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Camera permission to scan or access nearby devices

(Topic created: 06-22-2022 11:31 PM)
Galaxy S20

Why did Samsung add a permission to my camera that I am unable to disable to scan nearby devices? Also added the we must accept mic permission to take a photo. Used to be the mic was optional on photos and only needed for video. The need to scan all nearby devices to take a photo is new. I do not use Bluetooth. I do not ever link my phone to other devices. This is a huge privacy concern for me and now afraid to ever use my camera. I have searched all feeds and see the same copy paste answers that never answer the question. WHY?! There is never a need to force is to accept those permissions when taking photos. Ever. WHY SAMSUNG do you need us to do this? WHY are you forcing us to do this? I chatted support and they said this permission does not even exist. Well it does and you put it there. can somebody please answer this or Samsung remove this!

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Galaxy S20
I've notied that with other apps too. Hey do I need to give permission for either my mic. Or else my camera on apps that this has no relivence in the app. So why must I accept in order to have the app
Black Hole
Galaxy S20
Uh, your camera app can also take video with audio. Even though your just taking a photo at that time that's part of the app and needs your permission. You probably agreed to it a very long time ago and forgot that you did, and with the rescent update needed to be accepted again. There is also a Voice Command feature when taking photos.

There is also photoshare via Bluetooth, so, to use the app, you need to enable this permission as well.

Since Samsung is a worldwide company, I'm sure that there is a law somewhere that says that they must get your permission for these, even if you never intended to use the features that would activate the mic or Bluetooth.