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Cannot use clear button when i swipe down grayed out? My phone ok, only on wife's phone

(Topic created: 05-22-2022 12:32 PM)
Galaxy S20

I have apps that when activated show numbers on both mine and wife phones. Both are Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra's. For the longest time no problems but for over 2 months i cannot clear all notifications on wife's phone. Again my phone no problem just wife phone. Example when i get Kuna, phone calls, or Google notifications they keep adding numbers unless you have it set to dots. When i swipe down on my phone i can clear all with the clear button on my phone. On wife's phone i see the apps with numbers but no way to clear since when i swipe down the clear button is grayed out? Samsung support not helping. (e.g. this is not a browser issue, just app). I have read about badges and can manually clear from settings but once i turn it from off to on as suggested the numbers come back. Geez, we are in our 70's and have to deal with this **bleep** after spending $2000.00 on new phones and if spam calls and messages are not enough to deal with. 




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