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Casting volume-side buttons

(Topic created: 09-16-2022 06:36 AM)
Galaxy S20
I have an S20+ that updated to One UI4 months back and after doing so I lost functionality of the side volume buttons while casting Amazon music to any of my Alexa devices. I can no longer adjust the volume level with the buttons. I have Apple devices that still allow it as well as my tablet running Android 11. I have reached out to both Samsung on this issue and Amazon receiving no response. Samsung support has been worthless at best. Submitting error logs and video of the problem as well as fully explaining the issue.

I am aware of the legal dispute between Sonos and Google which I believe started this problem (Google search) but have read that the problem was corrected on Pixel phones. Why not Samsung? I have also read the problem was corrected for Android 13? 
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