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Comment on New Phone S20 FE - not happy!

Dear  Mr/Ms:

I have had a Samsung mobile phone for the past 10 years and have always loved them.  I recently purchased a new S20 FE and it has been a MAJOR disappointed due to the lack of features available, when compared to my "old" Note 8.  

   1) When setting up a new contact, I now am required to select the area where that contact is to be saved, each time I enter a new contact.  There should be a default setting that could be selected.  The SIM Card selection is the default & it has only fields for name and phone number.  This is a worthless setting if you are using the phone for business contacts & you need to save detailed information about the contact.  The only way to get to additional information fields is to select the Phone setting...each time!  Cumbersome and not user friendly!!

  2) I have always used both Messages and Messenger, one for private contacts and one for business.  With my Note 8 I was able to select different notification sounds for each of these apps, and thus quickly could identify whether I needed to get to a text immediately or if it was something that could wait.  Again, not business-friendly.  (I understand this is an Android OS problem, but Samsung needs to insist that this feature be restored)!

  3) Most of my contacts use the "default phone ring" but with my Note 8, I was able to assign certain contacts a unique ring.  Again, this helped me know whether a number needed to be answered immediately or if it was a "family emergency" which needed my immediate attention. (Like #2, I understand this is an Android OS system problem, and again, Samsung needs to insist on the restoration of this feature)!!

   4) Preinstalling additional apps, like Samsung Pay, has been annoying! The constant pop-up screen when starting my phone has been bothersome!  I've now uninstalled the app and am hoping that removes the pop-up screen.  

  5) The option of screen magnification (lower right of screen) would be great if it could be disabled.  It is very sensitive and I end up with it constantly interrupting the flow of the phone use.  Would love to turn it off....along with Bixby.

I have never considered getting an iPhone, but this last purchase of the S20 FE is making me seriously question that decision for the future.  Sorry guys, but S20 FE is a dud!


Sailing Oreo


Re: Comment on New Phone S20 FE - not happy!

you can still set custom ringtones and notifications . long hold on a notification, go to details, then click the category (example on Gmail is "mail") then you can choose a new sound. I use this for the same reasons you said Smiley Happy