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Computer doesn't see the phone connected via usb

(Topic created: 08-05-2023 02:59 AM)
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I own Samsung Galaxy S20FE(uk version, if that makes any difference). Asking as the last thing I want to do is to reset my phone to factory settings and lose all my settings. Does anyone know what's going on? I suddenly cannot connect to my phone. Only via wired USB, but still. I haven't changed anything in the computer settings or the phone settings and suddenly what worked like a week ago, straight away when I plugged usb cable from my computer to the phone, now doesn't work at all. The computer just doesn't see the phone when connected via USB.
Checked the device manager and when I connect the phone is just like I haven't done anything. The phone is charging, but the computer just doesn't see it like before.
As I've said - more less a week ago I just plugged usb cable and could see the internal phone memory as well as SD card in explorer. Now - nothing.

Now whenever I connect the phone, it's just charging. So I don't know now wether it's Samsung's update chanegd this or an Windows update. What's worst, when I search for the solution, everywhere it says I should just tap on charging notification and there I would have a choice of what the phone would do(charging, data transfer, etc). I can't even do that. When I tap on the charging in notification area, all I can see is the battery status.

Screenshot_20230804_113852_Device care.jpgScreenshot_20230804_113835_Nova7.jpg

But on the other hand, I do have USB set up for file transfer in the default usb configuration in the dev options on the phone.


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Have you tried updating the Samsung USB driver on the PC?
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Hey @binks77! You might have better luck posting your issue in the UK Samsung Community, as we offer extremely limited knowledge about non-US devices. 


As a side note, if you download SmartSwitch on your computer, you will be able to backup and quickly restore your phone (including settings options) if you choose to do a factory reset.