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Contacts application won't sync from Google contacts

(Topic created on: 1/16/21 11:51 AM)
Galaxy S20




I have a Samsung S20 FE (it's two months old).

Today I noticed that the Contacts application that came with the phone stopped syncing my Google contacts and when I inspected the Contacts application “Sync contacts” menu in the settings it said that the last time the Google contacts were synced was 2 weeks ago and that there was an error.

I tried some troubleshooting suggestions that I found online:

  1. Synch the entire Google account
  2. Restart the phone
  3. Clear the Contacts app cache and data
  4. Changed the "background data" options
  5. Tried to sync while charging
  6. Remove the Google account and add it again as a last resort

None of this has worked for me however after I added my Google account back to the phone I noticed that in the Google account under "Sync account" options I now have "People details" instead of the "Contacts" I had before removing the account.

Also, now when I open the Contacts application "Sync contacts" option I don't see the Google account on the accounts list anymore (it still appears on the global Accounts), however if I try to add my Google account then the Contacts application is saying that the account already exists (there is a blue dot next to Google in the add account menu)

My bet is that Google changed their API/behavior for contacts at the beginning of January and the Contacts application just hasn't adapted to this behavior yet.

Any idea what would be the next steps for this issue?

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