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Cracked screen

(Topic created on: 3/24/21 7:47 PM)
Galaxy S20
I accidently dropped my phone while watching tv, last night.
Unfortunately, screen protector came off when my phone hit corner of coffee table. Due to that I now have crack on the corner of screen with some web like crack.
I called Samsung today about my warranty. To my surprise customer service told me replacing screen doesn't cover under warranty because it's consider physical damage.
Why do we need warranty if it only covers certain parts and repair.:face_with_steam_from_nose::pouting_face:

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Galaxy S20
I agree it's ridiculous. however you can fix it yourself without having to use one of those daylight robbers.
amazon has replacement glass, front and touch interactive, even a set of tiny tools. it's definitely a bit "fiddly" but take your time, put the dog/cat in the other room so there are no distractions.
one thing - when ordering your replacement part from Amazon. I needed a replacement screen for a galaxy S6 TABLET. It didn't occur to me there was an s6 phone, so my first order was a bust. other than that - you csn do-it-yourself and save a couple hundred dollars.