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Customer loyalty means very little

Good day

I want to say I am very dissapointed in the events I encountered over the past couple of weeks.

So I purchased from TMobile 3 Samsung S20 and a new Samsung tablet for my wife at the end of October less than a month ago I've been a TMobile customer for ove 7yrs and a Samsung customer for about just as long I own 2 Samsung Tvs a Samsung microwave, and a Samsung Tab8 which up for an upgrade so 2 tablets 3 phones.  So its hard to say that I'm not loyal customer right.  So this is where all good things I've said about Samsung now change to negative.   

So 2 of the 3 phones I upgraded to from the s8 to the now s20 have some software issues firmwarwe is not updating is the msg I'm getting on my and my son on his.   So I called TMobile and spoke to them about my issue so they went through a series of troubleshooting steps with me and none of that worked so they transfered me to a Samsung tech who was going to try to help me.  This is when it started out bad 1st she didnt even identify herself she says hello I say yes is this Samsung she says oh yea what can do for you ok when u get transfered you assume they will know somewhat why ur being transfered for wasnt the case here.  That didnt work I waited a couple of days called TMobile again again they transfered me to Samsung again we spoke at least this time the Samsung rep was a little more courteous his solution was to send me 32 miles to the nearest place that could look at the phone I said ok so I went 64miles round trip from my house.  I get there find out I would have to wait for almost 2hrs to resolve this problem without any assurance that was going to fix the problem  So I chose not wait as I had other things to do and waiting for almost 2hrs was not an option.  I again I called Tmobile again they transfered me to samsuung.  They offered me another solution send the phones to Texas which that would take about 7 to 14days which was not a solution because we use our phones the last solution would be that TMobile process them under there warranty and I give them brand new phones and they exchange them for some refurbished phones which is absurd being I did not buy used phones in the first place.  Here I am over2wks dealing with 2 phones that cost over 1300.00 a tablet I spent another about 1300 on.  And 2 of the phone are having issues. Now I just purchased the phones less than month ago but rathert han offer the customer the more logical solution was to exchange the phones since they were just purchased but no that wasnt for no one rather than give me empty solutions I have over 30 yrsi n the service industry I would never put one of my customers through the situation I've been through.  Especially in the times we're living in economic situations we're living in and with all we're dealing with to purchase new phones and have to deal with the1st agent who was lost to this.  If they would of just exchanged the phones I would not be here writing this today. The phones are less than a month old that would of been easier than having jump through hoops of fire.

I know I understand 100% that its more easier to make a loyal customer unhappy and lose their business over this nonsense which is what you prefer to do.  Unfortunatly if I had the moneyI would dump these phones and do what my daughter did buy an Iphone or lg even google phone who knows.  Like I said it does pay to be LOYAL to a product name.