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DEX extended resolutions not working on S20 and Tab S7

Hey all - I was wondeirng if any here could help me with my current issues with DEX on my new Samsung devices.


I am using the offical Dex Pad, with 45w Samsung PPS Super Charger (TA845) using the USBC cable which came with the charger, connected to an LG ultrawide (2550x1080) display using HDMI. With my older S10; this works perfectly and I get the extended resolutions without complaint. With either of these newer devices, I am limited to 1080p. I have used all manner of HDMI cables, other chargers, charger cables, etc.


Has anyone been able to get extended resolutions working from these devices? Why doesnt the offical Dex Pad work anymore? If a Samsung employee happens to see this - can you tell me if Dex Pad is fully supported by the newer devices? Is a firmware update required and incoming?