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Dead Motherboard

The motherboard on my S20 5G is dead, as verified by the service location that Samsung referred me to, and they said that it's going to take at least 2 months to fix on account of the fact that the parts are held up at customs.  The device is registered and I believe that it should be under warranty, but there's pretty much no way for me to actually get ahold of anybody at Samsung since I have no phone and their chatbot isn't really designed to deal with this sort of thing.


So...What next?

edit:  I should add that the service techs told me that it looks like a manufacturer defect and not a result of damage to the device.


update: So far Samsung has offered to look at the device, but they can't tell me whether their main service station has parts for the phone and said that they can't exchange it for a working device on account of the fact that it exceeds the standard warranty.


update2:  It took a while to clear up, but it looks like that was a miscommunication and the rep thought that I wanted to recieve a new phone without sending mine to their service center.