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Disappointed in the S20 features

(Topic created on: 1/22/21 8:38 AM)
Galaxy S20

I switched from an S9+ to the S20 FE, I must say I'm very disappointed in Samsungs offering. I used Samsungs phones for years because of the list of options of the phone. First, they dropped the IR blaster to remote control tv's and other equipment. Now after switching I found out they drop the heartbeat sensor and the 3.5mm audio port. How the heck am I to listen to music in my car or with my earbuds. If you are going to drop support for the device we commonly use you should provide in the box an alternate method.

Sorry to say the S20 will be my last Samsung device. I should not need to replace the radio in my car to be able to play music or buy an adapter.  Why should I have to pay more to get less functionality?




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Galaxy S20
Not disagreeing with you, but for the murder of the headphone jack? Blame Apple. They did it, saving a few pennies per device and their users didn't complain so the industry followed suit. It's also why you don't have a removable battery and in the future no expandable storage, included headset, charger or easily usable charging cable. Apple claims losing this is a valuable feature , the feature being increased corporate profit. The rest of the industry follows and we consumers lose. The headset (hero port) jack has dissappeared from all the top line devices and is rapidly dissapearing from the mid level too. I guess they figure those buying their 'budget' devi es won't buy bt headsets, so those devices though much cheaper with lower margins still have Jack's, included headsets, and chargers. Go figure?