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Disappointment - Hope for updates or return?

I was told the s20 was the overall better phone than the Google Pixel and I did not want an iPhone. 


The camera is unimpressive. 


You cannot use Bixby routines if you want a flashlight on lockscreen apps. 


The talk-to-text and predictive text in swype are awful. I had it set to English and Spanish as I did on the S7 (with no issues). You swipe the space bar to change the language. The s20 will change to Spanish midsentene.  Talking something like, "I'm terribly sorry" will come out as, "I M there I bee are we." I spend so much time going back to edit. Even that is inconvenient the way it is set up. 


I called support who suggested return to factory settings to see if it fixes it...


For a grand, what is this 

Cosmic Ray

Re: Disappointment - Hope for updates or return?

When I had Samsung S10 Plus no problems with the camera, it worked flawlessly!  How I was delighted when the next S20 lineup from Samsung entered the market....So was glad that I will be the owner of the best camera in the world from Samsung S20 Ultra, but when my first impressions during testing in nature are what bright and colorful photos, BUT I couldn’t even suspect that macro photography would have such a disgusting effect on this TOP phone...I'm not talking about shooting in dark places, focusing doesn’t work at all.