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Distortion on recording sound on s20 ultra

I have the Samsung s20 ultra. My first one got sent back due to distortion on recording sound with video. Im still having this same issue with the sound going like in waves of lower and normal sound. Im very disappointed by this and my S9 never had any issues with sound. This is a sample. The sound goes lower at times and makes it distorted. Any ideas why. Was it that I was recording at 60fps ?
Would the wind cause this distortion as it was breezy. My other videos with no breeze seem ok.
Further update -
Discovered its the slightest breeze that makes the sound distorted. Does anyone else have this when there is wind. It sounds dreadful. My s9 never did this. Is this a problem that can be fixed or is it that the phone was never tested with 5mph breeze? Means any video I take in the slightest breeze is useless.
Futher update
I've mentioned this before about how shocking the sound is on the S20ultra.
Sound is horrendous when you record outside in the slightest breeze. Im not on about wind noise but how the sounds dips at times under windy conditions. I've even tried and external microphone with a wind shield but its still dips.
Its as if it lowers the sound to compensate for the wind.
I thought I could use the S20ultra to do professional video in 4k but to be honest its useless.
The external mic also produces a squeeling noise on video.
Not  a breath of wind or not moving the phone with the internal mic seems fine with sound but as soon as you move or a slightest breeze it distorts the sound.
Surely other people must be aware of this.
I just want to check if it can be resolved before i spend 699 on a video dedicated camcorder.

Re: Distortion on recording sound on s20 ultra

I have the same issue.

Have Samsung advised anything further on this?

I'm about to send mine back.