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Does Samsung sell defective models and refuse to deal with them?

My wife, encouraged by me, bought an S20 5G from Spring.

I live in Paris.
Two Wekks later, wo no longer have to call each other because he loses the network all time.

She missed job interview because the phone that is supposed to be efficient is not picking up anything.
Spring told her that they are no longer concerned once she passed the two weeks... I told her not to worry because that in France, Samsung changes the defectives models quickly (i had the Note 7... ). all the solutions offred by samsung have never worked.

Unfortunatly, samsung sendsit for repair in teir center repair partner but the problem is not reseolved.
Is it so difficult to have an excellent after-sales service in the US and to changea phone that has cost more that $ 1000 ?

She regrets having come to samsung and knows that, with apel, the after-seles-services would have been more responsive.

I would like to know why it is so difficult to stay excellent at Samsung ?

I also ended up being desapointed because i was not expecting it.

The problems are terrible. 
- Network loss every second

- no call that holds up

I knew the S20 5G is a great phone but, in or situation, we are abused and dissapointed that, this phone who ais supposed to helps brings more stress to my wife. We don't need that in that Covid-19 situation.
Please Help us.