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Double trouble with voice to text

(Topic created: 07-12-2021 10:59 AM)
Galaxy S20

Trying to reply to one of the solutions for the solutions for the voice to text issue and it says I can't do it and it says I can't do that so I have to post a new 1 post a new 1 to share my experience.

I chose Google for voice to text and then Samsung for keyboard list and it's still doing repeating phrases (Didn't want to use Google because they want permissions and I generally don't like Google because they want permissions for just about everything!).  Anyone else have success by this setup or do do I have to let Google be default in both to make it work?  You'd think that if I want to stick with Samsung I can since it's a Samsung phone....

And this website is not working for me either...  Says that I cannot get to this widget???? Can't reply to other people's comments regarding this. That means I'm having to edit this instead of replying. There are no notifications or anything interrupting my voice to text interrupting my voice to text (just double stuff like this *sigh*). It seems worse on it seems worse on Facebook Messenger off often on on forums like this forums like this and the worst when I am doing text messages now I am doing text messages themselves.

This is unacceptable it's a useless application if I have to if I have to review and delete out all this and delete out all this extra double verbiage ugggg!

Do I really have to give Google permission so that I can get a functioning voice to text????

It does seem that if I talk too fast that seems to cause the problem.  But that is new- I have always talked fast with my voice to text. I am not doing anything different when this started.

So to the one person that did reply I tried to reply but it's a reply but the Samsung site sight won't let me.

July 13- And the Samsung community site won't even work for me. I'm so frustrated.  I can't reply to any responses. Sometimes I can't even see the replies. It just says I have replies. I get them in my email but when I try to go and respond on this website it says that this widget can't be displayed???

Anyhow I don't want to use the Google Voice input as that is not a fix,, just a work around but I figured I'd give it a shot since I can't use Samsung voice input. But it said that google needed microphone permission and when I went to the app for Google voice to give it permission, there's no way for me to give it permission, so I can't use the Google Voice input either.

Does anybody know if Samsung is going to do an update to fix this, as it's obviously a software issue, not a setting issue, since this is recent and apparently widespread?

I don't want to try to do a chat with support because I would be spending all my time trying to type this all out because I suck at manual texting. 



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Galaxy S20

just to confirm... is this the issue where when you're talking a message or notification sounds in mid-phrase, which causes your spoken phrases to duplicate?

So I guess using Google didn't fix it... 

yooooo I just noticed something.... I don't know if this is going to be the same case for you but here it is.

I tried the speech to text and sent myself a message/notification during mid-sentence and was able to reproduce the issue. BUT!!! if I let the speech-to-text process and pause on its own. I tends to realize the duplicate and adjusts itself. 

If I manually pause before the keyboard or the voice app(?) can process, the duplicate remains

Galaxy S20

The Samsung S21 voice input engine is broken.  It is a known issue but will need to be repaired and sent as an update to S21 owners.  The temporary solution to this problem is easy to implement.  You must go to your settings and open the "General Management" section, then "Keyboard list and default," and turn off "Samsung voice input."  Make sure that "Google voice typing" is turned on.  The problem will be fixed.

Galaxy S20
I have been having many issues with voice text not working lately. I thought it was maybe just my older phone her phone but I recently purchased a new phone and I'm having the same issues with voice text on my Samsung Galaxy um Galaxy. ( and it is doing this.. repeating words and adding in words that weren't even there..)
Is there a fix for this?