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Dual Messenger on One UI 3 issues - S20 FE 5G

(Topic created on: 2/12/21 1:05 AM)
Galaxy S20

Hi, I've got a couple of problems with using FB under dual messenger.

Firstly, the dual messenger version of FB is unable to view photos on my SD card. As the SD card is my default camera location this is extremely unhelpful. The dual app has the same permissions as the primary FB app.

Secondly, dual messenger FB Messenger ignores my Focus Mode settings. I set it to work Mode, with only the default apps allowed to notify, but my dual Messenger started bleeping away during a client meeting, which was embarrassing and made me look completely unprofessional.

I need these dual apps, but more than that I need them to work properly, and mirror how everything in the primary app works, otherwise they are just a useless gimmick.

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Galaxy S20

I have the same issue -> The 2nd App can not access SD card.  


For the photos/videos I received from the Dual App, if I click "save/download",  it will be saved somewhere but I am not able to find it in File Manager or Gallary.  I can see the photos from the Dual App but not from the primary App. 
In my memory, in Android 10/Oneui 2.5. the photos/videos on Dual App are saved to the same folder as the primary App. 


Please fix. Thank you!