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EdgeLighting+ issues (while screen is off)

Edge lighting on my S20 plus only seems to be working perfectly when the screen is on and i have it set to always. ive tested it by setting it to only activate edge lighting when the device is off and that didnt work either. when i had my S10, a 3rd party app fixed that issue but no 3rd party app will fix it for my S20 plus. edge lighting doesnt work with all apps while the screen is off and my model number is (SM-G986U), im on Android 10, and with ATT firmware. are there any updates lined up to fix this? i know not all users experiance this issue but there are quite a few of us out here. 

Product Expert

Re: EdgeLighting+ issues (while screen is off)

Hey there @BUFFAL0 

I understand you have had issues with your edge lighting. Here is a post where others have found a fix and resolution for it. I hope this helps!