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Error: Camera failed

(Topic created on: 2/1/21 7:35 PM)
Galaxy S20

"Camera failed" message everytime I try to use my camera ever since I updated my phone over a month ago. I assumed it was a software issue and the next update would fix it unfortunately it seems I was wrong.


I tried to clear data and cache on camera

I reset my camera settings

I tried accessing it in safe mode and received the same error message.

Lastly I did a factory reset on my phone and still no fix.


I've looked at the Samsung help forums to see many others having this problem with no solution for months now, is this ever going to be fixed? I spent $1300 dollars on my phone, I'm blown away im having problems with it after only owning it for 3 months now.

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Galaxy S20
I hate to say it, but you have tried absolutely everything! You really only have two choices. One is to call or go by a uBreakiFix shop (Samsung's authorized repair shop) to see if they have any solutions for you. I believe it's rather unlikely, but who knows.

Other than that, all you can do is ask Samsung to replace your phone with a new phone. Most people are not having this problem, but as you know a fair number are. Good luck!