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Every update brings terrible ui options

(Topic created on: 5/17/21 8:40 PM)
Galaxy S20
I don't know who's designing the options to edit photos but whoever it is needs to cut it out. Every single update brings terrible, tiny design and it keeps getting worse and harder to use. There are now way too many steps to edit and crop. Y'all took away the option to save a photo from a video. And worst of all the play button and all the other edit buttons are getting smaller and smaller. Please for the love of God stop making the button smaller! Make the buttons in normal size or revert back 3 updates. I'm a woman with small hands and shouldn't have to be so careful to touch the right area of the screen-meanwhile our screens are getting bigger . It should be easy to use. Seriously, design changes like this make me want to revert all the way back to a flip phone and say screw all of this, it's just not worth it anymore to be this frustrated every time I want to use the gallery edit options.
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Galaxy S20
Have you tried screen zoom? Font Size and Style?