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Exclude app from Weekly wellbeing report

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Galaxy S20
I want to exclude my night clock app from the Digital Wellbeing Weekly Report because it makes it look like I'm using my phone hours & hours more than I actually do. The percentages in the weekly report would be much more helpful if this kind of app could be excluded. Can this feature be added to Digital Wellbeing?
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Galaxy S20
For sure you can do this. In two different directions, first by choice of easiest, you could turn the app timer down to no minutes and no hours, and then this app wouldn't participate. I like the second one it's a little more work but I think you'll get a better result. So go to the digital wellbeing apps settings, then choose deny access to usage data. Got to open up another settings block. Find the app you want to exclude and shut it off from the digital app. Seems easy enough. Perhaps that's exactly what it's for. Good luck to you. I hope it works out for you. Let me know.