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Face unlock

Hey guys, just switched from an S9+ to an S20+. The face unlock on my S9+ would bring me right to the home screen. It doesn't work that way on the S20+. It says it's unlocked but then I still have to swipe up to unlock it. Is there a way to make this work like the S9+ did? 


Also I'm trying to get used to the fingerprint sensor placement coming off the S9+. I've also noticed the S20+ is much slower to unlock with a fingerprint than the S9+ was.


Re: Face unlock

to solve your first problem, go to settings/ biometric security/face unlock... there is a setting there to go straight to the home screen, and avoid having to swipe the screen...

I used to have an s8 plus and went to the s20 plus. for me, the fingerprint is so much easier and faster than trying to have to put my finger on the back side top of my phone. it seems to work pretty easily and pretty quick for me. you might try going to settings display scroll to the bottom and turn on touch sensitivity... that is supposed to help when you have a screen protector on your phone. I have that setting on... good luck!