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Facebook Notification sound defaults to Samsung "Spaceline"

Hi guys


This is my 1st time posting here. I recently upgraded my S9+ to a S20+. I immediatly noticed that some of my apps were defaulting to the standard Samsung Spaceline tone.


I saw a post that said I should delete the apps and reinstall them, as this happens with Smart Switch. I did that (and restarted my phone) and it worked for all the apps aside from Facebook, I've gone into the actual settings in the Facebook app and everything is fine there, the default tone is set to "Facebook".


I've tried using Zedge, it works but then it defaults some of my other notifications to the Facebook tone. There is no option to select a Facebook tone when I go into settings (of my phone) and try to change the tone, only default Samsung tones.


This is an extremely annoying issue. Does anybody know how to fix this, or if there even is a fix for it?


Thanks Smiley Happy