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Feature Request Follow-up - Multiple Timers in Clock

(Topic created: 01-26-2023 09:43 PM)
Galaxy S20
I've seen this feature request before. But here it again for the year of 2023.

Are there plans to add a feature to the Samsung Clock application that will allow users to run more than one timer at a time?

There have been a few instances where I set a timer for me to bid on an auction listing that would end in X amount of time, and then I would find the need to set another timer for the oven while I wait in a different room, and even a timer to feed my tamagotchi pet.

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Galaxy S20
It has already been added!

When under the timers tab in the clock app, start a timer and then press the + button in the top right (pictures attached).

I believe this is only available on Android 13 (one ui 5) or higher.

Hope this helps 🙂Screenshot_20230126_234757_Clock_1000004669_1674798478.pngScreenshot_20230126_234807_Clock_1000004671_1674798487.pngScreenshot_20230126_234815_Clock_1000004673_1674798495.pngScreenshot_20230126_234821_Clock_1000004674_1674798501.png