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Front Videos not playing on PC

(Topic created: 07-04-2021 10:13 AM)
Galaxy S20
I just went on a trip and took a few "selfie videos" with the camera on the front screen of the phone. Those videos saved in a separate folder in my gallery, but still play fine.

When I returned, I copied all my photos and videos to the computer, including the folder of the front screen videos.

All of the pictures (including selfie pictures from the front) and videos taken with the back of the phone, open and play just fine.

And the files from the front screen copied - but do not play correctly. On my PC, the file opens up in my video player, but only plays the audio with a black screen. When I try to open it in other video players or video editing programs or video converting apps, they're basically all saying the file essentially doesn't exist.

If I upload one of the videos from my phone to a social media site like FB, YouTube, TikTok, etc - both audio and video upload and play just fine.

But my PC is acting like the files are basically messed up and non existent. I've tried it on 2 separate PCs with the same response, so I know it's the files. Does anyone have any idea what's going on or ideas for me to try to be able to access them on my computer? 
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Galaxy S20
What type of file are they saved as? This is important because your media player on you PC may not support that file type (it is indicated by the 3-4 letter abbreviation that is found after the period in the file name on windows explorer on your PC).