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Full screen Gestures

(Topic created: 05-02-2021 11:42 AM)
Galaxy S20
Hello Samsung devs, this is Viktor Bihar, a Galaxy s20 5g user requesting a change in animations and transitions.

Ever since One Ui 3, full screen gestures have become much better and efficient, but there is a factor that is making it less seemless and smooth, which would increase satisfaction once revamped/improved

When you use full screen gestures, you are given the ability to use a bar at the bottom of the screen apon activation to reopen, exite, scan through, and use app.

If you slowly swipe up and hold right after the haptic feedback, you will notice that the screen in the background is blured. This is a neat feature, but there is an annoying draw back. This draw back makes the transition finicky, unnatural, jittery, and just buggy.

There is also another buggy problem, the tracking and sensitivity. Now, slowly swipe up and hold after the haptic feedback once more, and frantically move it in a circular motion. Very effective, right? Well, now open that same app and quickly swipe up and to the right or left quickly, you'll witness how jittery this can get, the bounce and the blured background just make it look worse when the app just burst out of the screen a little than moves ever so fast to its original potion, something that is just so unnatural.

Please, this is a recommendation, just make the app drop or rise relatively in the direction of the original app icon position, and without that blur, this would be a game changer. You can keep the blur, but only when the user access the app window.

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